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We like old, stupid formats much like hipsters: vinyl, cassettes, floppy disks as well as your average Joe Shit MP3. There's a belief that if something is worth sharing you might as well make it something different. It's good to make small runs of  interesting, hand made releases, there's a certain satisfaction in that. Above all, audio recordings that stand out, both aurally and physically.

Got anything interesting we should hear? Let us know: prrkindusties@gmail.com

We love DIY gear, playing with it, building it, reviewing it, and sharing it. We build and develop our own range of custom noise making equipment, both to create and manipulate sounds. Often these are small runs based on available components/enclosures, but are to buy and use yourself.

Commissions are sometimes possible through request, but it's best to have a look at some of our creations to see what we already make. Of course we want you to have a go at making your own stuff too, electronics isn't that difficult, and so we share ideas/circuits/plans to help you have a go. Look here...

Handbuild electric guitars

Like these!

Sometimes we build guitars, striaght from timber or blank shapes, add quality yet economical necks and both paint or a finish, and provide a full electronic setup for the guitar. Some modifcations and repairs are undertaken but we're keen to build/modify our own ideas from scratch.

Got a plan? Get in touch prrkindustries@gmail.com


From time to time we'll share some files for you to download. It would be nice to have a regular podcast from time to time, but we can't promise that. Expect sounds, information, ideas, maybe even some music.

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